What to expect from the perfect Student

The perfect student would turn in all there work never talk back and never disrupt the class. You would want them to be like angles from heaven and always trying to do the right thing. They are good examples to the class study really hard and never give up. That is what to expect from a Perfect student.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z Broly trailer

The official Trailer for Broly for Fighter Z came out and he looks amazing. Even though Broly has been in almost every game and he is one of the most villain who gets a lot of fans and support. It came out 5 hours ago and combos kind of look hard. But I know Broly will be a good character with some amazing quotes. I want to see his Broly quotes for Goku Black. Now we have to wait for Bardock to come out and he will be out really soon.

Mortal Kombat XL

Nether realm is done with Injustice 2 the legendary pack was the last pack. And now they are done with that MKXL is coming in a couple of months.  I hope it come out in May but the trailer might come out in may. But the game might come out in June but I hope the people that are revenants get revived. But then again they might not get revived because Quan Chi is dead.



The story of Erik Killmonger is sad. Because his Mom died and his dad was killed and he was left all alone and he never went to Wakanda. He was jealous of cousin because he got to live the life he wanted to. His real name N’jadaka his Dad is N’jobu. And that T’chaka younger brother. His uncle killed his Dad and I feel ad for Killmonger but he is the best marvel villain right now. Good job Michael B. Jordan.


Black Panther

So Black Panther came out and I loved the movie. It was a all Black superhero movie and I loved his new suit. and the villains. The best villain today is Michael B. Jordan aka Erik Killmonger. We felt like he represented how most black men felt in America. They did a really good job and I loved it. WAKANDA FOREVER!


DBX2 DLC pack 6 extra pack

The new DLC pack for Xenoverse 2 is coming out tomorrow but you can purchase today. The characters I am hyped for Jiren and Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku and DBS Android 17. There are new parael quest and for your customized character you can have Super Saiyan God Blue and Pride trooper uniform. For this DLC pack I felt like they could have done more. They could have done all the Universe 11 pride trooper they also could have in the universe 11 God of Destruction and Angel. But I really wanted to see SGSS Ascended Vegeta. But I still love this fighter pack I am not going to trip I could have done better but it is what it is and I still love it.


Gucci Belts or Designer Belts

For Christmas I want either a Designer or Gucci belt I see a lot of people wearing I want to wear one as well. Because my belt is old raggedy and torn apart. So I know I need a Gucci Belt or a Designer belt. And when I get one I want it to be black or red.