Who would win Ryu or Jin Kazama

Who would win Ryu or Jin Kazama. A lot of people say Ryu a lot of people say Jin. These might be a very close fight but the Sat So Win No Hado turns you into a very powerful demon so does the power of nothingness, it can also protect you from any thing  but the Devil Gene is 10 times stronger than a human being and Jin shield that his mother’s gift that can protect Jin from anything . Ryu may have a lot of power but Jin know more martial arts and he lost only four fights and has beat everybody in Tekken the winner is Jin Kazama.


Injustice 2

I like the injustice comic series and the games so far in 2017. There are so many things I like about injustice 2 is that you get to change or gear you can get uncommon, common, epic, and legendary. It has a really good story mode it takes place after Superman was locked up other people from the Regime followed in his foot steps like Wonder woman, Cyborg, Black Adam, Robin or Nightwing, and Supergirl. But now Batman’s Insurgency, got bigger with The Flash, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Firestorm, Cat woman. The fighter packs so far are good they are doing so good keep it up Nether realm.

My thoughts about the new Hellboy film

I think the new Hellboy film rise of the blood queen will be okay. David Harbor is going to be Hellboy I am like kind of and I don’t like it. I hope the new film is okay because I like the old films better. I these new dude that is in his 30’s is playing professor Broom I said what. The Hellboy film is going to be rated R because of a lot of blood. I hope the new Hellboy movie is good.


My YouTube channel would be called Spidey Swag and it will be about gaming skits and other stuff. I all ways wanted to be a YouTuber because people on YouTube inspire me like Dashie XP, Markiplier, PewDiePie, Racka Racka. YouTube is really big deal and you can make money you can also be rich. YouTube you can do so many things you can do skits, gaming, Omegle, reaction videos, how to’s, video game combos, rap videos, roast sessions, and more. YouTube can be a fun carrier for me and other people.

Black Panther

Black Panther is the King of Wakanda and he owns his country. He is born to be a warrior he is a very skilled martial arties he know every fighting style Boxing, Taekwondo,  Judo, jujitsu, Kick Boxing and more. T’Challa is very strong he can left over 5 tons can take hits from powerful people like Hulk. T’Challa suit is made out of Wakandian vibrainum that is the strongest metal on earth. He can beat people like Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Dare-Devil, Moon Knight, Wolverine, Winter Solider, and Captain America. He is very smart and rich plus he is richer than Batman and Tony Stark he can also out smart his opponents with another fighting style. He has energy daggers that can pierce through anything even wolverine skeleton. T’Challa is so fast to the point he can keep up with cars and motorcycles. Black Panther got married to Storm they became the King and Queen of Wakanda he also known her since they were kids. That is all the info I have about Black Panther.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is the best game in 2017 so far it has the best story mode and the best fights scenes and they put a new character from Street Fighter in the game Akuma. I love the cut scenes before the the fight it goes to the cut scene to the fight. Online people be cheating and spamming they all ways use the same combos and most of them use Steve Fox and Hworang. My  favorite fighter Jin Kazama because  he is the best character he whooped every body in Tekken and he has the best combos.