L.A. Track Meet so far

I am at L.A right now and I went here for a track meet. So far I ate a lot of food at Golden Coral, and I had Chester’s Chicken. What I had at Golden Coral was Fries, Pork, Cabbage, Rice, Brusell Sprouts, A slice of pizza, Chocolate Marshmallows, Chocolate cookies, Chocolate Pie, and Chocolate Ice Cream. We had a good time there. The events I did were 100 meter, 400 meter, and Shop put. There is only one more event I have and that is Discus. So far I am having a good time and I it is hot out there.


The new DLC Characters for Xenoverse 2 Prediction

There was a video uploaded on Bandi Namco’s YouTube channel about the creator giving us more DLC characters and I am making a prediction of the DLC Characters that will be in the game. The first one I think is Caulifa now a lot of people made mods on her so there is a high possible chance she will be in the game. Another character I think will Be in the game is Kale she is Caulifa’s sister and is a female version of Broly. I think they should give her three variations the first one being her base form the other SSJ Berserker and the last one with SSJ Berserker full power/ True power. The third character I know will Be in the game is Kefla the fusion between Kale and Caulifa. I know that a lot of people out there wanted her to be in the game and I hope that happens. I also hope she has some Quotes with Vegito. This is some characters from the same Universe as Jiren I want to be in the game and that is Dsypo and Toppo. Not a lot of You Tubers made Mods off Dsypo and Toppo I hope that some Dragon Ball fans don’t forget them because I really want them to be in the Game. For Toppo he should have two varation on in his regular stage and the other one being God of Destruction Toppo. The last person I really want to be in the Game more than anything is SSGSS/ SSB Evolution Vegeta. To be honest when the Extra Packs came out we all were expecting SSB Evolution Vegeta but that never happened. But I hope in one of these DLC’S That SSB Evolution Vegeta is in the game. That is it for my Predictions f the charcters that should be in the next DLC’S

Xenoverse 2 DLC’S I have bought

I got some DLC’S for Xenoverse 2 and I am really loving these DLC Characters. I got the Extra Pack 4. It came with Android 17, Ultra Instinct Goku, Jiren, and Fu, I also got the Dragon Ball Super pack 4. It came with a extra map of Trunks’s future and it also came with SSGSS Vegito and Fused Zamasu. The main person I use is SSGSS Vegito he like the most OP DLC Character in my opinion. Shout Out for Fighters Z Vegito is coming real soon.

DeadPool script comparison

Today I am doing five pages of DeadPool script comparison. The first one is That in the love scene with Wade and Vanessa he say hay fourth of July but in the movie that never happened. There is also something that Wade and Vanessa are at the Arcade and in the script Wade buys a ring and  the guys say he needs more tickets but in the movie he actually got the ring. In the script where DeadPool kills a guy in they did not metion the cob art but in the movie they did. There is also something when Colossus throws DeadPool in slow motion he did not say anything but in the movie he did. In the script when Dopinder talks to DeadPool in the taxi in the scitpt he does not say he is after somebody on his naughty list but in the movie he says that. Those are my script comparison for today

Dragon Ball Super theory Goku and Vegeta SGSS/ SSB and Ultra Instinct Power swap

I think that Goku and Vegeta swap Super Saiyan Blue powers. There is one episode were they training together or sparing on Beerus’s Planet both of them threw a punch at each other and fist pump and a real quick flash happens. On Goku’s side is a very Dark Blue aura which looks like SGSS Evolution. And on Vegeta’s side was a Black and Blue and Red aura. Which means Black represents Ultra Instincts early stage and blue and red look like SSB Kaio-Ken. So I think That in that scene they swapped SSB powers. So Goku was supposed to get SSB Evolution and Vegeta was supposed to get Ultra Instinct. But I don’t think that it is true because Vegeta does not have Kaio-Ken and he never went to King Kai’s Planet. But Goku has Kaio-Ken so what in that power swap Goku was able to go SSB Kaio-Ken X20. But I think not because he can do it on his own all he has to do is say Kaio-Ken X20. Maybe a little bit of this is true Because I Believe the SSB Evolution is stronger the SSB Kaio-Ken X20. But I think that they are evenly match. They way Vegeta got SSB Evolution is by fighting Jiren and powering up so many times. But I think it is also true because when Jiren made a wave of fist at Goku and he blocked it and then it blew him away as Vegeta watched him do it. Then Vegeta charged at Jiren and dodge every single one and strikes him. Then he was able to push back Jiren and almost got eliminated. But then goes back to SSB and powers up so much for a Final Flash and Knocks down out Jiren. Then Jiren gets back up and defeats Vegeta. Then the next episode before the fight Goku and Vegeta go SSB and power up for a very long time then Goku goes SSB Kaio-Ken X20 then Vegeta focuses and thinks about his promise to Cabba that he will get the super dragon balls and revive his universe. Then there was a huge flash of energy and then went SSB Evolution. In Vegeta’s fight with God of Destruction Toppo we see how stronger it is. It was able to do a Ki punch threw a Hakai and his Final Flash was stronger than before. He did the Final Explosion a move he did in Dragon Ball Z Kai when Majin Vegeta used Final Explosion on Majin Buu and they both died. But when he did it to God of Destruction Toppo and eliminated him. And this time Vegeta survived. But at the end of Dragon Ball Super he was fighting Goku and Vegeta were fighting but Vegeta’s SSB form was not the same color and Evolution it was its normal color. And When Goku was Fighting Jiren in his Mastered Ultra Instinct and when Jiren was on the ground he was about to eliminate him but something happened his Ultra Instinct faded away and he was wounded. But I don’t think these new forms are gone I think they still have them. But the answer to my the to my theory is yes and no. Because I think with SSB Evolution and Ultra Instinct I absolutely think they swapped powers. In one of the quotes in xenoverse 2 between Vegeta and Whis. Whis says you lack the ability to overly control your power Vegeta master that and you will be ahead of Goku. So in that quote I think Whis gave Vegeta some advices on how to achieve Ultra Instinct. But there is this one episode when Goku and Vegeta are fighting Whis then stops the fight and give them both advice. And Whis say you to are thinking more than just moving and I am afraid this habit is expactly strong with you Vegeta listen all this over thinking is overwhelming realign on thoughts for physical action cost you a lot fighting time. I want you two to master the ablitly of moving without think I agree this hard not even Lord Beerus mastered this yet and he is a god.   But I also think they did not swap powers because the advice Whis gave the is how to get Ultra Instinct and Master it. Vegeta tried that but it did not working but the first time he was fighting Jiren and dodged his wave full of fist he used Ultra Instinct even Whis said it. So that is my theory for Dragon Ball Super.

My Birthday

These year I turned 14 and my birthday was so fun we went to BJ’s. And I got 60 dollars Erik Killmonger, and Black Panther warrior falls I also got some new shoes. Today we went to sky high and played a lot of dodge ball. Then we went to Mountain Mikes pizza. And I invited a few friends we had a great time I love my life and my birthday.